JPs Country Westies

These are some of the happy pups that have gone to their forever loving homes.  I enjoy keeping up with them as they grow and become part of their new families.

This is Stitch. He lives in OKC with his human mom and dad.  He has so many cute pictures, it was hard to choose one.  He just celebrated his 3rd birthday, and every year I get a new picture.  Sometimes I get one at Christmas when he wears his stocking hat.  He is part of a westie walk group that meets once a week to catch up.

This is Rocky from Kansas at about 4 years old. He's 6 now, but still loves to play ball.  It's only a game of fetch for a little bit, then it becomes a game of chase me!

When one just isn't enough!  I love having repeat costumers.  Many families wait 6 months to a year, then return for a second little westie.  They can be addictive!

(Hattie is out of Delta Dawn and Bodacious)

Hi Justine!                                                     Dec. 2017

We wanted to share some pictures of Hattie!  She is the BEST dog ever!  She is so smart, intuitive, and inquisitive. She’s a blast and always has us laughing!

She is definitely a leader. She loves to play with the other two dogs and just as I suspected she is BFF’s with our other terrier, Ozzy.

Hattie has been such a blessing to us and she has no doubt made us Westie lovers & owners for life!

Thanks so much for sharing her with us and allowing us to bring her into our family!

Merry Christmas!
Byron & Meredith and Hattie

"I had to send you a picture of Weston taking one for the team.  When our son had to go to time out, he stayed right beside him! What a pair! Perfect buddies" - Vanessa, Illinois Vanessa waited over a year to get her pup. When everything finally lined up right, she flew in to Oklahoma  and took Weston home with her on the plane.  When her family grew by one more boy they added another westie from us, Toby.  I love hearing about all the antics that go on in that house! Thank you Vanessa for making my boys part of your family!  Update Dec. 2017- These boys are moving to Hawaii! I asked for pictures of them on the beach once they get settled!