To err is human; to forgive, canine.

- Chomps McGee


Love is a four-legged word.

- Paws Woofland


Life is ruff. Get a Westie.

- Yours truly

 Favorite Quotes

JPs Bodacious

JPs Country Westies

All our Westies are AKC registered.  Puppies come with limited AKC registration.

Learning to walk in the park!

Daisy has the thickest  westie coat I've ever seen.  She is a sweetheart that loves to be in your lap for tummy rubs as often as you will let her.  She is about 18 pounds.  We hope for one more litter from her in 2020.  Maybe she can go home with one of her pups?

Grooming makes a big difference!

Delta is about 17 pounds, thick coat, and lovable.  Talk about a lap dog!

Delta will be retiring with Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave.  She is sure to be spoiled and will come for visits when they travel.

This is Delta and Daisy lounging.

JP's Delta Dawn

JP's Miss Daisy Duke

 Bo is a handsome husky built boy at about 17 pounds.  He loves his family, furry and people alike.  He loves going for a ride and being in the buggy at Lowes, Pet Smart, and the groomers.  Around the house he is easy going, eager to please, and loves to sun bathe. Still a bit shy of strangers at first, but give him some loving (and maybe a treat) and he will come around.